Santa-Cruz-Surgery-CenterIt is our goal at Santa Cruz Surgery Center to provide personalized patient care through the utilization of the nursing process, with special regard for the physiological, psychological, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of our patients. This enables us to provide optimum health care, while maintaining each patient’s individual sense of identity. Santa Cruz Surgery Center maintains the highest standards of quality medical care, using the most recent technological advances in assessing the health and safety of our patients.

Our Patients are Important to Us:

The need to respect patients as individuals, by providing personalized, comprehensive care, is always a priority at Santa Cruz Surgery Center. In order to fulfill this mission, the surgery center’s shareholders and directors have established goals and objectives to guide the center’s operation. This includes the development of an environment which is pleasant and comfortable, so as to prevent any undue anxiety to our patients and their families. All of our anesthesiologists routinely take care of critically ill patients at Dominican Hospital, thus have the skills necessary in the unlikely event of any complications or hospitalization during your time at Santa Cruz Surgery Center.