For Patients

Did you know you have a choice of which surgery center you go to?

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At Santa Cruz Surgery Center, our patients are very important to us. We strive to provide the safest, most efficient outpatient surgical experience possible.

Our experienced, registered nurses provide diligent care of our patients before, during, and following surgical intervention, by continually assessing patient’s condition and implementing care as appropriate. We also provide follow up care after our patients return home by calling or writing to our patients to check on their recovery process.


Before Your Surgery:

A nurse from Santa Cruz Surgery Center will phone your home a few days before your surgery to compile your health history and answer any questions. The nurse will also tell you what time to arrive for your surgery. If the nurse is unable to reach you at home, it is important that you call the center the day before surgery. The business office will also call you regarding insurance information.

When You Arrive:

When you arrive at Santa Cruz Surgery Center, you will be greeted by our receptionist, who will help you register. A nurse will then show you to the pre-operative area, where you will sign a surgical consent and be prepared for surgery.

Many times the surgeon will administer local anesthesia and sedation; however, if you have been scheduled by your surgeon to have an anesthesiologist, he or she will also talk to you at this time. When your surgeon is ready, you will be transported to the operating room.

After surgery, you will be taken to the recovery area for approximately one hour. When you have recovered and are ready to go home, you will be taken by wheelchair to your transportation.

Your Family:

Your family may wait for you in our lobby area during surgery or pick you up at a designated time. Rest assured that as one of our patients, you and your family will be included in all decisions regarding surgical care at Santa Cruz Surgery Center. Prior to any surgical procedure, we will inform you of the costs that will be incurred, in order to prevent any unanticipated anxiety for you or your family.

Returning Home:

Please arrange for a responsible person to drive you home after surgery. For safety reasons, you will not be allowed to leave alone after your procedure. Things You Should Know to Prepare You for Surgery >>

Notice of Non-Discrimination:

Notice Informing Individuals About Non-discrimination and Accessibility Requirements and Non-discrimination Statement.
Download the Santa Cruz Surgery Non-Discrimination Statement >