Our Surgeons

Meet the Surgeons at Santa Cruz Surgery Center

All of our anesthesiologists routinely take care of critically ill patients at Dominican Hospital, thus have the skills necessary in the unlikely event of any complications or hospitalization during your time at Santa Cruz Surgery Center. We are proud at Santa Cruz Surgery Center to be the only ambulatory facility to offer this additional level of expertise for our patients.

It is our pleasure to introduce these highly qualified surgeons,
who practice at SCSC, from all over Santa Cruz County.

Surgical Associates of Monterey Bay


Dr. Stefan Klein

Orthopedic surgeon board certified in hand and upper extremity surgery.
Dr. Stefan Klein

Dr. Hetzler

Dr. Douglas Hetzler

Dr. Eric Hohn

Dr. Eric Hohn

Dr. Welle

Dr. Thomas J. Welle

Dignity Health Gynecologists


Dignity Health Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeons

Dr. Randall Nacamuli & Dr. Thomas Yen

Dignity Health Urologists

Dr. Daniel Greene & Dr. Caitlin Lim

The Foot Doctors of Santa Cruz County


Medical Anesthesia Consultants


Santa Cruz Surgery Center Gastroenterologists

Dr. David Anjelly

Dr. Justin Bennet

Dr. Gordon Lee

Dr. Zenowij Majuk

Dr. Aly Mohamed

Dr. Kuntal Thaker

Santa Cruz Surgery Med-Staff:

Dr. Douglas HetzlerENT
Dr. James TengENT
Dr. Aly MohamedGastroenterologist
Dr. David AnjellyGastroenterologist
Dr. Goron Lee*Gastroenterologist
Dr. Justin Bennet*Gastroenterologist
Dr. Kuntal ThakerGastroenterologist
Dr. Zen MajukGastroenterologist
Dr. Brian Waddle*General Surgeron
Dr. Don ScheppsGeneral Surgeron
Dr. Jessica Santillano*General Surgeron
Dr. Louis Lee*General Surgeron
Dr. Paul NguyenGeneral Surgeron
Dr. Anisha SarmaGynecologist
Dr. Anne Marie JacksonGynecologist
Dr. Cheryl EdwardsGynecologist
Dr. Karen WangGynecologist
Dr. Michelle SablanGynecologist
Dr. Sienna TitenGynecologist
Dr. Stefanie HatfieldGynecologist
Dr. Stephanie AgoncilloGynecologist
Dr. Ciara HarraherNeurosurgeon
Dr. Thomas WelleOrthopaedic
Dr. Eric HohnOrthopaedic
Dr. Faisal MirzaOrthopaedic
Dr. James SpiegelOrthopaedic
Dr. Stefan Klein*Orthopaedic Hand Specialist
Dr. Matthew RyanPain physician
Dr. Randall NacamuliPlastic Surgeon
Dr. Scott ImaharaPlastic Surgeon
Dr. Thomas YenPlastic Surgeon
Dr. Alvie Hurray*Podriatist
Dr. Mark Brenis*Podriatist
Dr. Stephen Wold*Podriatist
Dr. Timothy BlakesleePodriatist
Dr. Daniel GreeneUrologist